Advice and Tips for Painting

A brief but hopefully helpful guide on painting your figures. Let's start at the beginning. 

What Paints should i use?

Acrylic model paints, we recommend Model colour by Vallejo 

General Tips

Paint the hardest to reach parts first and work outwards. (Armpits, in between the legs)

Take your time allowing parts to dry.

Apply thin layers to highlight the details in the figure.

Should I prime my figures? 

It is recommended. For best results, priming can be great for enhancing details on your figures and creating a consistent base layer and adhesive to paints.

However, if you are on a budget, plastic is not a porous material so acrylic paint adheres well without the use of primers.

Below are two figures I painted today (30/12/21), better planning I would have used the same figure, though I tried to make up for it by using similar colours. I only washed their faces with a flesh wash, I would usually fine tune them by fixing smears/hairlines, but this is a quick session. I did dry brush the primed figure, as I was testing the method. But hopefully these pictures give you a rough idea. 

1:76 Scale With Primer: 


1:76 Scale Without Primer: 

Together Behind:

Useful Resources :

 What tools do I need for painting? 

I have found many useful tips from tac-ing miniatures to pencil ends, cork, bases of glass bottles. Or you can search around for a handheld base. A fine selection of paint brushes are just the ultimate treat to beginning. 

 I found this video helpful, and provides a great introduction to painting miniatures.